Monday, October 3, 2011

Mappy Monday - Parihuzovce, Slovakia

Parihuzovce is a village in the Carpathian Mountains in the northeast part of Slovakia.  It is very near Slovakia's border with Poland and Ukraine.  It is in the Preslov region, Snina district.  There are currently only about 25 residents in the village. It is the smallest village in the Snina region.
The first historical mention of the village was in 1548.  It is now a small ski destination.  It's population is primarily elderly now.
George, Frank  and John Mika were from this village, as was, I believe, Theresa Dacko.
My first thought when I found the  picture below was how much it looked like the countryside around my grandparents' farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

More images of Parihuzovce.

Photo credit: Janko Bajus

Photo credit: Janko Bajus

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